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Remote Starters

Remote Starters in Fargo, ND

Waiting for your car to be the right temperature inside can be torture. If you’re roasting in the summer, or freezing in the winter, the only thing on your mind is getting comfortable. Install a remote car starter and be comfortable, no matter what time of year.

We help drivers in Fargo, and West Fargo, ND and Detroit Lakes, MN. Check us out at 413 West Main Ave. in West Fargo.

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Remote Start Systems Keep You Comfortable

Remote start systems allow you to start your vehicle with the push of a button from nearly 500 feet away. Remote start systems are perfect for winter when you want to warm up your vehicle and for summer when you want to cool down your vehicle before driving.

Remote Engine Starters offer you a variety of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Comfort-Warm up (or cool off) your vehicle before you enter. No more waiting for your vehicle to reach the right temperature.
  • Safety- remote starters allow windows to defrost completely before you ever get in, increasing your visibility
  • Engine Life- By allowing your vehicle to fully warm up before driving, the engine has enough time to move all of its fluids through itself. This is beneficial to the engine and may preserve engine life.
  • Resale Value-A remote engine start may increase your vehicle’s resale value
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We carry 2 different types of remote starter systems at Dan's Service Center: 1-way, and 2-way. Both systems will start your vehicle, but they each work differently.

1-Way Remote Starters

A 1-way remote start system is the cheapest remote starter on the market. This basic system will start your vehicle, but will not send a confirmation back to you that the vehicle has been started. Typically, however, the vehicle will flash its lights when started. As long as you can see your vehicle, you will be able to confirm that your vehicle has been started.

2-Way Remote Starters

2-way remote starters are more advanced. When you hit the button to engage the system, you receive a confirmation on the remote via LED or LCD lights indicating that the vehicle has been started.

When you’re ready to install a remote starter in your vehicle, call us at (701) 282-7800. We’ll answer all your questions and help find the right remote starter for your ride. Stay comfortable, no matter where the mercury goes.

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